Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day One.

It is November 5th 2008. Day one of the Bloodless Revolution. A new day in ideology, perception and hope. "Despite Logic" exists to document this new era of positive change from the vantage point of a former Republican, now party-less due to broken promises, inept bigotry and close minded "Politics"; A man awakening into enlightenment.

Join me as we not only watch, but participate in our renewed democracy. Come with me along the road to change for the better, and not just change for the sake of "Politics". Leave your party affiliation behind and join me in the new "Party"... the American Party

America has a bright future, the torch has been rekindled and passed on to a new generation. Let us help hold it high to light the darkest parts of the mind and embrace the destiny that our forefathers foresaw; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness... Freedom to Choose.

How will you help unify our country? What will you do to rebuild America into a beacon of freedom and thought? What place will you have in the change to come?

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